Love Islands Paige loses it about looking like 'Lord Farquaad' after horror haircut

Love Islands Paige loses it about looking like 'Lord Farquaad' after horror haircut

She'll deff be pulling the hairdresser for a chat.

We’ve all been through it. Sitting  in front of the hairdresser after telling them exactly what you want, only to end up lowkey wanting to cry because of how bad it looks.

People pleasers out there like me know that we tend to just choke back the tears and say: "I love it, thanks so much."

This was not the case for Paige Thorne from last season of Love Island UK, and her tearful meltdown after her latest haircut is absolute comedy gold. 

Not only did she throw a maaad hissy fit, she then posted the video of it for each and every one of her 350k followers on TikTok to see. Did I mention she said to her stylist's face that she "looked like Lord Farquaad from 'Shrek'"?

It’s now blown tf up, with over 2 million people having watched her bawl her poor eyes out over her new hair. 

There’s a bit of a divide in the comment section, with people either cringing at her reaction or absolutely living for it. Personally, I’m one of those living for it.  

One comment read: “I’ve had full on toddler meltdowns before over my haircut lol, once I washed it It was fine 😂.”

To which Paige replied: 

Knew I wasn’t the only one 🤣

Being an absolute stunner, the Lord Farquaad comparison was soooo far off it’s not even funny. She still looks like an absolute queen, even without her extensions, which luckily she realised the day after this traumatic experience.

“Now today I’m like, it’s kinda cute, still giving Lord Farquaad, but I mean it’s not that bad," she said later.

She asks at the end: “Is anyone else that dramatic after a haircut or is it just me?” 

Short answer? Yes. It's just that most of us internalise it and go home and eat a family-sized chocolate block instead.