Screw it, we're exposing Nickson's most out-the-gate lies from 2022

Screw it, we're exposing Nickson's most out-the-gate lies from 2022

He's gonna get cancelled sooner or later...

We all have that one out-the-gate mate…

Nickson is notorious for stirring the pot and creating his own 'facts'. So we thought we’d start 2023 with a clean, honest slate. 

Here are the best of the worst of Nickson's lies from 2022:

Nickson invented the word skuxx

Rangiora only has 10 people

Garlic is like a poncho - you think it's useful but you’ll never use it

2011 Meg was into Nickson

Not everyone in Aotearoa knows what uber is

Gilligan's Island is about a brother and sister having a baby together

Man flu exists

Feijoas are the seagulls of fruit

The only time people drink full-sugar coke is in a food court

The worst word he has ever said is ‘camp’

Your soul mate is with somebody else and it’s your job to break them up

Nickson put the bandana around the Nek Minnit guy’s head

iRobot is a documentary

He knows ghosts are real because he gets shy in the shower

He has only ever seen his own nipples and Sarah’s

Touching someone’s garden is like touching someone’s missus

You can’t make friends after 28

Finland doesn’t exist

Anna Faris is banned from visiting New Zealand and the order to do so was written and signed by John Key

Steph got attacked by a horse

We’ll definitely miss working alongside Nickson during Breakfast but luckily he’s not going too far! You’ll be hearing him alongside Steph & Sharyn on our brand new Edge Afternoon show, where we're sure he'll come up with some more wild statements.

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