The Edge is switching things up for 2023, meet your all-new shows

The Edge is switching things up for 2023, meet your all-new shows

A new Edge Breakfast AND Drive show? Yeah... we've got a bit to update you on.

The Edge in 2023 will look a little (or a lot) different!

Eli Matthewson, who joined Edge Breakfast at the start of 2022, alongside Nickson and Meg, won’t be on The Edge full-time next year, but will still be part of The Edge whanau while working on TV projects and his stand-up comedy.  

This means The Edge Breakfast will consist of a brand new lineup!

Introducing... Clint, Meg, and Dan.

Remember Randell? He’ll be back on Edge Breakfast next year but this time, he’ll be ditching Randell to go by Clint (Might take a bit of getting used to for us too...)

Producer Dan, who’s been producing The Edge afternoons for five years will be dropping the producer title, and his sleep-ins, and joining Clint and Meg on The Edge Breakfast. 

Edge Breakfast 2023

But wait, what does that mean for Nickson?

With Jayden announcing that he will be leaving The Edge next year, heading off overseas on his OE with his girlfriend Gracie, Nickson's ditching the early wakeups and joining Edge Afternoons alongside Sharyn and one other member of our Edge Whanau. 

EDG - Jayden announces he's leaving the Edge
EDG - Jayden announces he's leaving the Edge
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You know and love her - the incredible Steph Monks

Steph, who’s been news reading on The Edge Breakfast and hosting The Full Noise Workday with Social Soph this year, will be joining Nickson and Sharyn on the all-new show. 

From 2023, your afternoons will now be Sharyn, Steph, and Nickson!

Edge Drive 2023

Social Soph will be hosting the Full Noise Workday from 10am -3pm and DJ Sean Hill will remain hosting Edge Nights

We got there, FINALLY. 

A brand new lineup and a whole lotta energy coming your way in 2023!