Tyra Banks making Robert Pattinson bite her in 2008 hits different (uncomfy) this Halloween

Tyra Banks making Robert Pattinson bite her in 2008 hits different (uncomfy) this Halloween

Yes, I'm still thinking about this 14 years later.

In the spirit of the spooky season, let's revisit a disturbing vampire-inspired moment from the pop culture archives: That time Tyra Banks demanded Robert Pattinson bite her on a daytime talk show. 

How did I stumble across this again? Not important. I know how to waste time online, okay? 

What is important, is that you get amongst this really embarrassing and unsettling 1-minute-and-9-seconds-long celebrity clusterf*ck. 

Don't ask too many questions at this early stage - you'll have plenty afterwards. 

The footage from the Tyra Banks show, circa 2008, begins with the former supermodel mimicking R-Patz' British accent, dramatically exclaiming: "I want you to bite me right now." 

In case you haven't picked up on it, this was at the height of Rob's 'Twilight' fame, so this 'bit' has some context, but still, not a lot.

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"Really?" Rob replies, before adding "...where?" 

Tyra then exposes her neck, pulling her hair back while the studio audience goes absolutely bonkers. As she shuffles closer to Rob, he asks her: "Are you absolutely sure about this?" (Sidebar, we love a consent king). 

Eventually, Rob mutters "alright", and has no choice but to sink his teeth in, and this image was burned into all of our minds forever more: 

Weirdly, Tyra then seems super surprised at what has just taken place, screaming: "He really did it! Did he leave a mark?" Spoiler: He didn't. 

"Oh my God, I got a hickey from Robert! That was no joke. That felt good." 

Anyone else mad uncomfortable RN? Yep. 

Just to put the awkward cherry on top of this cringe-pie, Tyra then quizzes Rob about what his favourite episode of the Tyra Show is, to which he obviously has no answer. 

We've seen a lot of really inappropriate moves by male talk show hosts on unsuspecting female celebrity guests, but let us not forget this really revolting role-reversal. 

Or maybe we should forget it? I'd like to think one day I will.