'I literally froze': Watch the adorable moment Sophia Grace announced her pregnancy to Rosie

'I literally froze': Watch the adorable moment Sophia Grace announced her pregnancy to Rosie

"I literally froze and then burst into tears"

It's only been a few weeks since the exciting announcement that 19-year-old Sophie Grace is pregnant with her first child and now, her best friend/ cousin Rosie McClelland has shared the sweet moment she found out the news that her cousin was expecting.

Posting to Instagram Rosie captioned the video: "When my cousin Sophia told me she was pregnant! The best news ever. love you @therealsophiagrace." 

In the adorable clip, Sophia Grace shows Rosie a picture on her phone before showing off her stomach. A shocked Rosie covers her mouth and repeatedly says, "You're joking." 

"I knew she would cry," Sophia responds.  

The video then cuts to the pair on a couch with Rosie rubbing Sophia's stomach as she applies lip gloss.

Rosie told E! News how she felt when Sophia Grace shared the announcement and showed off the sonogram.

"I literally froze and then burst into tears and then Sophia showed me her scan picture," she said.

"I'm so happy for Sophia. She has always been amazing with children and she's gonna be an amazing mum."

She added, "She also has a very supportive family around her to help and I'm gonna be there every step of the way! I can't wait to buy the baby loads of cute clothes."

As for Sophia Grace, she also reflected on sharing the news with Rosie, calling it, "literally one of the most happiest moments ever."  

"She was just so happy because we've been so close our whole life and we literally have done everything together.”

"I'm going into a new chapter and obviously she's going to be the best cousin ever. I'm so excited for her to meet the baby."

We love to see these two growing up and experiencing big and exciting changes in their lives. I personally can’t wait to see the OTT outfits that Rosie says she’s gonna get bubba. Surely a throwback to the Ellen days right?!