If you needed to feel old today, 19yo Ellen star Sophia Grace has just announced she's pregnant

If you needed to feel old today, 19yo Ellen star Sophia Grace has just announced she's pregnant

I don't think I'll ever get my head around this.

It's official, we're feeling OLD AF. 

Remember Sophia Grace and Rosie, the 8 and 5-year-old cousins from the UK who went on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to perform Nikki Minaj's 'Superbass' and blew up across the globe?

Feels like just yesterday.

Since their 2011 feature on the show went viral, racking up over 43 million views on the original video, Sophia Grace has continued to pursue music and become a successful content creator with a huge following across social media. 

Well, Sophia Grace Brownlee has REALLY grown up, announcing that she's pregnant. Yes, you read that right, PREGNANT. 

Hard to digest. 

On Saturday, the 19-year-old singer posted a video to her YouTube channel, which boasts a following of over 3.4 million, announcing her 'unexpected' pregnancy.

Have a watch of the video below. (We'd recommend taking a deep breath as it's hard to comprehend that she's no longer a child)

“I’m sure a lot of you are going to be very shocked because it probably was quite unexpected,” she continued. “I was very shocked when I first found out. I’ve gotten used to it now and I’m super, super, happy about it.”

In the video, she revealed that she knew the gender of the baby which she will reveal to her following at a later date, sharing images from her sonograms, and showing off her 21-week baby bump. 

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The content creator also expressed her excitement for the direction her content might take after the birth of her baby. 

SOURCE: YouTube - Sophia Grace SOURCE: YouTube - Sophia Grace

"Definitely have lots of different content from what I usually have, I guess my channel might turn into something new" she shared. 

The influencer explained that she is 'super excited' about her pregnancy and to share updates and document her journey with her following, hoping that people will be kind and comment 'nice things only' 

“I don’t want any negative comments. Negative comments will be getting deleted and blocked,” she explained.

Good on you gal, ain't no time for negativity around here! 

Musician and Influencer Rosie McClelland, who went viral alongside her older cousin Sophia Grace after their appearance on the Ellen show, shared a photo to her story after she heard the news. 

If you needed to feel old today, 19yo Ellen star Sophia Grace has just announced she's pregnant

The 16-year-old wrote "This photo was the moment Sophia told me she was pregnant (as you can see I am crying)"

"Congratulations to my beautiful cousin Sophia on the news of your pregnancy! To say I'm excited is [an] understatement, I can't wait to share this whole new chapter with you and be by your side watching you be the best mum ever! Love you so so much 💗💙💗💙💗💙 #sophiagrace #rosie #baby," McClelland continued.

The cousins remained close after they shot to fame back in 2011, each continuing to pursue music careers of their own and even returning to Ellen's stage one last time during the final season of the show to perform their iconic 'Superbass'.

Congratulations Sophia! We can't wait to see your wee baby although we'll be counting on them being able to rap Nikki Minaj just like you!