The Kardashians have totally changed how they use the word 'skinny' and I'm gutted about it

The Kardashians have totally changed how they use the word 'skinny' and I'm gutted about it

"You're so skinny"...."No YOU'RE so skinny!"

Warning: This article discusses weight loss and body image and could be triggering for some people.

OPINION: I've made an observation that the Kardashians' use of the term "skinny" has changed over time, and it's left me pretty disappointed tbh. 

It's no secret that Kim Kardashian has lost some weight recently - we know that she dropped it to fit into that Marilyn Monroe dress for the Met Gala. At the time, she said that she looked at the process as being like an acting role. 

She kept dropping the weight after that - she explained that it was a lifestyle change and she is eating healthier and has more energy, plus it's been great for her mental health which is amazing - we love that she feels like she is healthy, 

However, I've noticed that the word 'skinny' is used a lot by the Kardashians on their social media and on their reality tv show. These days, it seems like they use it as a term of endearment. 

One of the best examples of this is from a recent episode of season two of the Kardashians. Kim is having a chat with Khloe where she expresses concerns that their sisters Kylie and Kendall had about Khloe. Kim says they were wondering if Khloe is okay and were concerned for her health because she's dropped a lot of weight really quickly. 

Listen to the Talking Out The Trash podcast break down Khloe's unsual reaction and how the rest of the Kardashians deal with body image: 

That's a pretty fair concern for a sister to have - especially considering what Khloe was going through at the time with the Tristan Thompson baby daddy cheating drama - but Khloe's reaction to that isn't Omg, they're worried about me, I need to reassure them that I'm fine'. 

Instead, she breaks into a huge smile, kicks her leg up in the air and is clearly absolutely stoked that they're calling her skinny. 

Now, I've had anxiety and I have lost weight while being the most anxious I've ever been and it's nothing to smile about - it's scary. Her reaction made me feel really weird about her celebrating the fact that there's a concern for her. 

I also looked at old interviews of the Kardashians when they were first coming into fame and their show was new - they were rich, but definitely not billionaire status at this stage. They were known for their butt and their boobs and their curves. 

They used to talk about how they didn't want to be "skinny" and how they loved the bodies they were in. They loved that they represented real women and their curves were being praised in the media for the first time. 

Remember - this came after the heroin chic phase of "skinny" being trendy - championed by the likes of Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and the rest. What exactly is it that has changed in the Kardashians' lives, in society and in fashion that has seen them do such a 180? 

For me personally, it is disappointing to see this from people that used to represent the curvier wahine and be proud about that and actually be advocates for that.

We're all different and I'm not saying any of us ever had bodies like the Kardashians, even back in the day. 

I've never been a super small girl, but I've also never cared about my cellulite until recently. 

Now, I watch the Kardashians and sometimes I feel like I need to get smaller. It's such a confronting feeling for me because I used to relate to them - especially when I'd see Kim ordering two plates of pasta on the show. 

In fact, I'm gonna have some pasta while I watch the latest ep tonight because my body is beautiful, and this is your reminder that YOURS IS TOO!  

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