'It's been a nightmare': Listen to Rachel Bilson confront the Bling Ring girls who robbed her

'It's been a nightmare': Listen to Rachel Bilson confront the Bling Ring girls who robbed her

"I know that I stripped you of feeling safe in your home and I am so sorry."

Rachel Bilson, known always in my heart as Summer from 'The OC', made huge waves in the podcast world by inviting two women who were once part of the Bling Ring on as guests - even though one of them once robbed her house. 

If you've ever avoided an awkward convo with an old high school mate you once had beef with  - you might wanna take a page out of Rachel's book, as she remains a respectful queen while she hears out the girls' apologies. 

ICYMI, the Bling Ring was the name coined for a group of LA teenagers who burgled celebrity homes between 2008 - 2009. They frequently stole from the biggest A-Listers of the time like Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Orlando Bloom, and Rachel.

Listen to the Talking Out The Trash podcast play all the juiciest audio from Rachel's chat and dissect all the drama here: 

Overall, the Bling Ring stole more than US$3 million worth of cash and goods before they were caught, and Rachel alone lost US$300,000 worth of stuff - including her mother's engagement ring. 

Alexis Neiers and her sister Gabby both got caught up in the crime circle when they were teenagers, but now they're all grown up and wanting to right the wrongs of their past. 

Alexis said she never entered Rachel's house (she stole from other famous people instead), but Gabby did rob Rachel once after a night out partying with two of the main Bling Ring players. 

“I’m grateful that you’re allowing me to be here to [apologize] to you face-to-face," Gabby told Rachel on the actress' 'Broad Ideas' podcast.

"I am so sorry that I ever made the choice to go into your home that night. I wish that I could take it back.

"It's been a living nightmare for you for the past 10 years, 11 years. As a mother now, [I know] all you want to do is protect your babies, and I know that I stripped you of feeling safe in your home and I am so sorry." 

Far from ripping into Gabby, which would have been an understandable response TBH, Rachel reassured Gabby she had moved on, and urged her to do the same. 

"I let go of that shit so long ago. You need to," she said. 

"You obviously have remorse for going into the house and taking things and I see that... It's so important for you, and as a mother, that you fully let go, because now you are not that little girl, you have your little girl. 

"It's not going to do any good, and it's not going to make you feel good, and there's no point, really, to hold onto something," Rachel added. 

Note to self: Next time someone pisses me off, think 'What Would Rachel Do?' 

Listen to the full Talking Out The Trash episode here, where we take a weekly deep dive through the messiest celebrity moments: 

Elsewhere in the chat, Rachel explains how "violating" it felt to have "every material possession" of hers taken from her, but says she learned some serious life lessons in the process. 

Gabby also takes us through the moment reality hit the day after she broke in through Rachel's kitchen window, when she woke up hungover with four bags of the star's jeans in her room. 

Puts a hell of a lot of my hanxiety into perspective, I must say. 

As for why she decided to invite Gabby and Alexis on the show in the first place, Rachel said she had "real conflicting feelings about it" and had refused to watch both the 2013 movie about the events and the recent Netflix doco.

Ultimately, she said: "To be grown up and actually have real conversations is more important than harbouring any awkwardness, animosity, any negative feelings that might come along with it."