Drew Ne'emia is unveiled on the Masked Singer
It was Drew Ne'emia under the mask of the Gladiator Alligator!
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Guys, we've all been saying Drew Ne'emia's name wrong this entire time

"Has the whole frickin country been saying your name wrong your entire career?"

The finale of the second season of The Masked Singer NZ went down on Sunday night, and as well as seeing the winner crowned, Kiwis learned they had been mispronouncing one celebrity's name wrong for decades. 

Dressed as Bedazzled Unicorn, Hollie Smith won the competition, and along the way, Drew Ne'emia and Ria Hall were also unmasked. 

Our very own Sharyn Casey had suspected Drew was the Gladiator Alligator the whole time. 

"I knew it! Since the moment your mouth and started dancing, I was like 'there he is'," she said before quizzing him about one of the clues that referred to his name. 

"I have known you for a really long time, we worked together, and one of the clues said that people have been saying your name wrong, and now I've had Sharynoia ever since that I've always said your name wrong," she continued.  

"Has the whole frickin country been saying your name wrong your entire career?" 

Drew explained that was true, but said that only happened because he didn't correct people from the get-go. 

"I actually just rolled with it, and I shouldn't have done that," he said. 

Check out the full vid above to hear the proper pronunciation for the FIRST TIME EVER. 

"You know who actually started pronouncing it correctly was David Tua. When I started training with him, he was like, 'you say 'Neemia', you know it's 'Ne'emia', eh?'" 

Mind. Blown. 

Good on Drew for setting the record straight, but what a shame we didn't have it right for that all those years of after-school entertainment. 

"I am so sorry, I wish I had known that, I would never have said your name incorrectly!" Sharyn told Drew. 

After the show was all wrapped up, Drew said "that was fun" on social media before joking that he'd see everyone on TV again in another 10 years. 

When and if that happens, Drew - and we hope it does - we'll abso get your name right this time.