'Wrong fkn pan!': Selena Gomez got absolutely roasted by Gordon Ramsay on her cooking show

'Wrong fkn pan!': Selena Gomez got absolutely roasted by Gordon Ramsay on her cooking show

The actress managed to stay cool while the kitchen got heated.

Selena Gomez felt the heat in the kitchen from Gordon Ramsay after the world-renowned chef shouted some fiery f-bombs at the actress during her HBO max reality show ‘Selena + Chef’.

Gordon joined Selena to make two delicious meals in the kitchen, but getting to the final platting was difficult af.

Our favourite moment was when the ‘Hell’s kitchen’ host lost his temper directing Selena to cook a rib-eye steak, but the actress used the wrong pan.

“Wrong f*cking pan,” Gordon said in frustration as Selena questions back “what the f*ck?”

This intense and aggressive teaching style is nothing new to the head chef and Selena did well-ish to keep her cool, that was before chaos ensued.

The two start yelling back and forth before Gordon shouts from the deck of Selena’s Malibu home.

Gordon officially lost his shit yelling, “for f*ck sake, somebody help me!”

Fan’s reactions to the absolute roasting Selena copped from the chef are hilarious, with one fan referring back to Gordon’s iconic “idiot sandwich” moment.

Another questioned how Selena didn’t burst into tears. I know I would!

A third shared how their anxiety skyrocketed watching the pair trying to work together.

We agree it was fkn hectic, but you'll be pleased to hear the two ended up having a lot of fun in the kitchen, and it was happy days as they enjoyed their delicious dishes.


Another clip from the episode has gone viral with Selena’s little sister Gracie, questioning Gordon, “did you yell at my sister?”

She then mocks the chef’s accent when he responds “a little bit”.

Gordon turned from mean head chef to praising the young girl saying, “Oh, I love the accent girl!”

That wasn’t the only shock Selena’s sis gave Gordon as she hilariously revealed that her favourite thing that Gordon says is “piss off!”

Seems like both Selena and her sister left the chef speechless and we hope that’s not the end of the pair working together. We need more Gordon and Selena clips and we need them now!