Does Selena Gomez live in the Hannah Montana House?

Does Selena Gomez live in the Hannah Montana House?

This cross-over is crazy

A keen-eyed Twitter user has noticed that the house seen in a new trailer for the Selena Gomez show on HBO Max  ‘Selena + Chef’ looks IDENTICAL to the house used sixteen years ago as Miley’s home in ‘Hannah Montana’.  And I am losing my mind over it!

The windows, chimney, and the mountains behind the house are exactly the same! So it has got to be the same building. The spa has moved, but it IS the same house.

What makes this crossover crazy is that Selena Gomez got her big break on Hannah Montana back in 2006, when she appeared in just three episodes and stole the spotlight. Selena played ‘Mikayla’ the pop-star nemesis of Hannah Montana, who is awkwardly also friends with Miley. A classic best of both worlds plotline. It wasn’t long after Selena’s appearance on Disney’s ‘Hannah Montana’ that she got to lead her own show ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’. The two shows competed for Disney’s prize slot in a Selena vs. Miley rivalry that felt ALL ENCOMPASSING as a kid. (Does anyone remember the ‘Miley & Mandy’ vs. ‘Selena & Demi’ Youtube feud?)

So it’s crazy to imagine Selena living in Hannah Montana's house. The world really is a small place!

But we’ve got to be realistic here. The house probably isn’t being ‘lived in’ by Selena Gomez.  

The beach side home is just being used for ‘Selena + Chef’ the HBO show where Selena Gomez learns to cook via video chat with celebrity chefs in ‘her home’. But ‘Selena's house’ is actually just a set used for the tv show.

That makes sense - I could never keep my kitchen clean enough to film a tv show in it everyday.  No matter how neat me and the flatmates are, there will be mugs everywhere. 

In another coincidence, the house used in ‘Hannah Montana’ and ‘Selena + Chef’ was also used by HBO as Rees Witherspoon's home in 'Big Little Lies'. 

beach house

Honestly the house is gorgeous! Right on the beach front with big duney sands out the window. I can see why TV land Reese / Miley / Selena would live there.