There's a MAFS boxing match, no seriously, and you've got to see this cringe fest

There's a MAFS boxing match, no seriously, and you've got to see this cringe fest

The grooms have reach a whole new level of whack!

In case you thought the drama between the ‘Married at First Sight Australia' cast of 2022 was over, oh boy, do we have some news for you! 

Two 'MAFS' grooms are taking to the ring in one of those cringe af celebrity boxing matches, and the promo for the event is getting out of hand.

The match will see  Brent Vitiello go head to head with Daniel Holmes.

So where do we start? The trash talk began in an Instagram post on Daniel’s account, where he made fun of Brent's, ahem, lack of height.

As a fellow shorty, this one hurts!

But, not as much as the fake funeral being held for Brent on social media…

Seems pretty fkn whack if you ask me, but do we expect anything less?

Brent has addressed the insane posts in a recent interview with Yahoo, calling the trash talk a “silly attempt at attention”.

But that’s not where it ends, Brent continued to slam his fellow 'MAFS' star labelling him as “cringe and embarrassing”.

“I’ll never entertain someone as low as him. This boxing match is for me. But after, both his name and his antics will disappear.”

Although the posts can be viewed as worrying, Brent has revealed that he’s actually quite flattered by the “obsession”, calling it “cute”.

“I also wonder how many photos he has of me in his camera roll? Maybe even a mural at home?” he said.

Nothing like knowing you’re living rent-free in your opponent’s head. Daniel seems to be adding fuel to the fire all on his own, while Brent sits back and watches the one-sided beef unfold.

I think the worst part is that this is only the beginning and with a month away from the fight taking place, who knows what fkn deranged posts we will see between now and then?!