Lucinda from MAFS AU proves she’s a real one when Eden prank calls her with ‘concerning' news

Lucinda from MAFS AU proves she’s a real one when Eden prank calls her with ‘concerning' news

“This is a masterclass in telling your friend they’re making a terrible decision 😂.”

Married At First Sight AU’s Lucinda Light has confirmed she’s a total kween IRL after her mate and fellow 2024 participant Eden Harper dropped a bombshell about getting hitched again.

Hold up! Not for realsies, though. 

On Yahoo Lifestyle's podcast 'Behind the Edit', Eden totally pranked Lucinda by spilling that she’d “fallen in love” post-show and was ready to tie the knot - again - ASAP.

"I feel like if I tell my parents they'll say I'm an idiot, but I've met this guy and I'm just completely in love, he is amazing, but he wants to elope next week and I feel like I want to do it," Eden said over the phone.

Seeking some honest advice from her pal, Eden asked Lucinda if she thought it was a good idea. 

Being the legend she is, Lucinda had to question: "Do you think it would just be fun for your socials or something, like wild and radical?"

"Remember you fell in love with Jayden and it took a while to get to know him, you know," Lucinda said. 

Yeah, that relo didn’t turn out so - as Lucinda would say - divine, did it?

ICYMI - Back in April, Eden spilled on her “unexpected” split from Jayden Eynaud after he showed some “disrespectful behaviour” on a night out with their fellow MAFS cast. 

Eden tried to recruit Lucinda to officiate her new wedding, but the former celebrant was having NONE of it. 

"There's no way... I'm so flat chat. It's super cute but you need 30 days to actually certify a wedding, you've got to do a whole lot of paperwork,” Lucinda said.

Dropping a truth bomb, she added: "I think it's really fun to be reckless in your 20s and 30s and make wild decisions, I'm not going to say not to do it.”

Eden then broke the news it was all a prank, with Lucinda cracking up and giving props where they were due.

"I was semi-between like, it's great to be reckless, I get where you're at, but I was deeply concerned." Lucinda laughed.

Fans of the reality star have been applauding her for being a great mate. 

“This is a masterclass in how to politely tell your friend they’re about to make a terrible decision 😂,” one wrote.

Another said: “Omg Lu was even sweet telling you you’re about to make a bad decision 😂🫶🏻 she’s the best!! My friends would never be this gentle 😂😂.”

“Haha love it, so cheeky 😂,” added a third.

Everyone needs a Lucinda Light in their life!