Olivia Wilde, Florence Pugh awkward premier

Florence Pugh 'refuses eye contact' with Olivia Wilde at awks AF 'Don't Worry Darling' premiere

This is only the first sip of the gallons of hot tea from the Venice Film Festival

The drama continues as Florence Pugh and Olivia Wilde feud accusations flood the internet, after the ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ director and actress avoid each other during their WHOLE press run at the Venice Film Festival!

After filming finished, reports started to spread that Pugh and Wilde had a falling out because the director started dating the lead actor, Harry Styles and reports of a rather large pay gap between the two stirred the pot.

During the latest gathering of cast and crew for the viewing of the film, it’s obvious tensions are still running high between, Pugh and Wilde. The actress is seen avoiding eye contact with the director and in every situation from group photos to seating arrangements the two weren’t seen to interact once.

Oh, and another questionable choice was that Pugh, Wilde and lead Harry Styles were kept separate. Something tells me this wasn’t a coinky-dink.

According to celeb gossip page, Deuxmoi, a spy shared that the photographer tried to “grab Harry’s hand and move him to stand by Olivia in the group photo, however, he did not make any move to accommodate and stood still.”


Although Florence has kept quiet about the alleged feud, that didn’t stop her stylists from posting a dig at Wilde in the caption of a recent Instagram post. 

Previously, a leaked video of Wilde begging Shia Labeouf to continue as the lead in the film, before her new beau Styles took the role, shows the director referring to Pugh as “Miss Flo” saying, “You know, I think this might be a bit of a wake-up call for Miss Flo.”

So, of course, indirectly throwing a bit of shade was required. We’ve all done it, right?

At a Venice Film Festival press conference, Wilde finally addressed Pugh's absence from the initial press conference for the film. 

Despite the ongoing question about where the two stand, Wilde praised the actress for her work ethic and dedication to the film.

Wilde told reporters on Monday: "Florence is a force, and we are so grateful that she's able to make it tonight despite being in production on ‘Dune.'" 

“We're really thrilled we'll get to celebrate her work tonight. I can't say enough how honoured I am to have her as our lead. She's amazing in the film."

But, was this just a cover attempt to stay out of the drama so that it doesn’t take away from the film? I mean, everyone put a lot of work into creating the movie, so it must be frustrating to be questioned on personal issues.

"As for all the endless tabloid gossip and all the noise out there, I mean, the internet feeds itself, I don't feel the need to contribute. It's sufficiently well nourished," Olivia added.

Fair enough, they do say to keep work and personal separate, right? It’s just a shame that there is a blurred line between the two in the world of celebs.

It’s clear there is still a lot going on in the background, but for now, we hope to see Pugh enjoys the celebrations of the film with the rest of the crew that have spent the last 2 years making it.