Shady MAFS lady Olivia Frazer is now banned from Instagram Live and some might call that karma

Shady MAFS lady Olivia Frazer is now banned from Instagram Live and some might call that karma

How will she rant about anyone and everyone now?!

We hate to be that person but, you can't help but think that MAFS villain Olivia Frazer getting banned from posting any more of her unsolicited messy chats on Instagram live is absolute KARMA!

The 2022 Married at First Sight Australia bride revealed on her IG story that the app has banned her from going live - eek!

The screenshot of the error reads: “Post from your account have recently been removed for going against our Community Guidelines, so live video sharing has been temporarily blocked.”

SOURCE: Olivia Frazer Instagram

The screenshot included a joking “cute” underneath the notification and something tells us she’s just a little salty about it.

The problematic reality star never shared the reason why the ban occurred, but she may be just as confused.

Although with multiple OnlyFans teasers, pass-ag rants and wayyyy too many Q&A sessions, we might have an idea as to why…?

For now, though we’ll just call it as much of a mystery as her new man that she has been soft launching in said, IG Q&A’s.

One thing she hasn’t kept a mystery is her blocked list on Instagram.

Olivia previously shared a screenshot of just some of the people she has blocked from her Instagram, which includes former MAFS bride Jessika Power.

SOURCE: So Dramatic! Podcast

On the 'So Dramatic! Podcast' Jessika responded to Olivia by claiming, “I don’t even know who she is, I don’t even care what she craps on about on her Instagram Lives."

“She just carries this weight about her. I look at my phone sometimes and go ‘I don’t even know who you are!’”

YIKES! The drama continues.

Let’s hope she takes this as a lesson that not EVERYTHING needs to go public online. It’s messy, and really only impacts Olivia, but we’re sure she’ll come back with a bang, so keep your eyes peeled for that!