gtfo: MAFS villain Olivia Frazer has a new man and just soft-launched him on Instagram

gtfo: MAFS villain Olivia Frazer has a new man and just soft-launched him on Instagram

Turns out her new man isn't so new...

Olivia Frazer, the extremely controversial Married at First Sight Australia bride, has just made it very clear that she has moved on after her split from Jackson Lonie by soft launching her new man all over her Instagram stories.

We say her man, but it has yet to be confirmed whether the two are a couple after Olivia insisted in a recent Q&A that they are “going with the flow”.

But why else would she be doing the soft launch if he’s just a mate?

A question asked by one of her followers read: “What’s your mystery guy’s name, and is it serious, or are you just going with the flow for now?”

She responded by sharing a video to her Insta story, conveniently covering her mystery man's face with the answer which read: “Name” before a zipped-lips emoji.

I mean fair. If it is early days, revealing a fresh relationship wouldn’t be the smartest move. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I agree with her on this one. 

Responding to the second half of the question Olivia continued, “Just going with the flow.”

“It’s making me happy so I’m just going to enjoy it and not think too hard.”

In the following post, another fan asked, “Does the new man have an opinion on your OnlyFans?”

“He doesn’t have social media, so he doesn’t really get it,” she wrote.

“He adores me and is supportive AF despite being very confused.”

Later, Olivia revealed that they’d “known each other for a long time” while working at a restaurant when she was 21.

“I had such a crush. I used to work late to catch up with him,” she added.

We have to admit, that is actually adorable!

Well, I guess her new man isn’t so new after all. Either way, we hope the two enjoy the “flow” that they are on and who knows, we might get a full launch of the mystery man soon.