Stumpers bar

This West Coast NZ bar says new staff 'must have DD breasts' and honestly guys it's 2022

"Do they think that's the biggest there is? Bless."

Stumpers Bar and Cafe in Hokitika has copped flack online after a photo of their gross, sexist advert looking for part-time staff went viral.

The ad says anyone applying for a bar staff position "must have double D breasts, a great smile and a good attitude", before adding: "But men can also apply!"

I meeeean, really?

As any person with half a brain knows, breasts are good for many things. Sexual pleasure, feeding babies, some of us can even balance a snack on them at the right angle.

They are glorious (at any size, thanks). And they definitely do not exist to satisfy the pervy desires of a hiring manager or a punter at a bar or any other creep who thinks a woman's worth is tied to the shape of her bod.

With lots of Kiwi hospo businesses struggling to find staff, you'd think Stumpers would be smarter than to scare off a bunch of potential new hires with this shit.

"Not only illegal but a clear indication you will be harassed daily," one Twitter user said about the sign.

"I will assume that 'good attitude' means willing to use great smile at all times in response to sexist comments and general groping," said another.

"Why specifically DD? Do they think that's the biggest there is? Bless," a lol-worthy response read.

"DD and a bad attitude. I guess I'll stay put," another reply read.

When Stuff tried to get in touch with Stumpers to ask about the sign, they were hung up on, and two staff members refused to comment or pass on the details of a manager or owner.

Even West Coast deputy mayor David Curruthers said what was on all of our minds: "What were they thinking?"

Stumpers currently has a pretty decent 4 out of 5 rating on Tripadvisor, with reviewers giving two thumbs up to the seafood chowder and chicken shnitty.

That could all change though, as right now their reputation is under more threat than Taylor Swift's was in 2016.