The celebrities with the horniest fans have been revealed and we feel exposed

The celebrities with the horniest fans have been revealed and we feel exposed

As always, Twitter has the receipts to prove it.
9 August 2022 4:18PM

Ever found yourself having a cheeky wee search through Twitter for some sexy pics of your favourite celebrity to drool over?

Yeah, neither. 

Well, in case you were interested, lingerie retailer Pour Moi have found out. 

The company has taken a deep dive to find the celebrities with the thirstiest fan bases and my oh MY we feel seen.

The UK retailer searched through Twitter, analysing almost 115,000 raunchy tweets containing the words ‘hot’, ‘horny’ or ‘sexy’ to see which celebs have the thirstiest fans. 

The results might surprise you.

'Magic Mike' star Channing Tatum takes out the top place with 1,996 horny tweets since 2019, followed by Angelina Jolie and coming in third place with 1,939 tweets and lastly 'Friends' actress Jennifer Anniston with 1,931 mentions.

Imagine having almost 2,000 people tweeting hot things about you, meanwhile I can't even get a text back.

'Top Gun' god Miles Teller came in 7th place with 1,717 tweets, and let's just say we may or may not be responsible for the majority of those. 

I mean look at him. 

Considering he blew up on social media after his recent role in the new 'Top Gun: Maverick' film, we reckon that since then, fans have been scathing the internet to find a saucy glimpse of him to land him so high on the list. 


  1. 1. Channing Tatum - 1,996 tweets 
  2. 2. Angelina Jolie - 1,939 tweets 
  3. 3. Jennifer Anniston - 1,931 tweets 
  4. 4. Cillian Murphy - 1,918 tweets 
  5. 5. Christiano Ronaldo - 1,841 tweets 
  6. 6. Leonardo DiCaprio - 1,996 tweets 
  7. 7. Miles Teller - 1,717 tweets
  8. 8. Tom Hardy - 1,616 tweets
  9. 9. Alex Turner - 1,551 tweets
  10. 10. Anthony Joshua - 1,526 tweets

Interestingly, footballer Christiano Ronaldo, musician Alex Turner, and boxer Anthony Joshua are the only non-actors to feature in the top 10 list. 

The one and only TV personality to make the top 20 is TV chef Nigella Lawson, famous for dropping some saucy lines into her show such as "If you would prefer something oozy and sticky to take up to bed with you, well, that's fine by me." 


Next time you tweet about your favourite celeb and use the words 'hot', 'horny' or 'sexy', just know you may be watched.