Phoebe from 'Friends' has been spotted in NZ and we wanna hear 'Smelly Cat' on Cuba St

Phoebe from 'Friends' has been spotted in NZ and we wanna hear 'Smelly Cat' on Cuba St

Can we get this gal some Pineapple Lumps, stat?
15 August 2022 1:41PM

Does Lisa Kudrow know that we know that she knows that we know she’s in Welly enjoying some of our country’s cuisine?

Kudrow, who played the iconic, eccentric, and spiritual queen that is Phoebe Buffay, enjoyed some food at Loretta on Cuba street. 

One of the staff from the restaurant confirmed to the NZ Herald that Kudrow was in fact there, but didn’t delve into any more details, out of respect for the actress’ privacy. 

No one quite knows why the 59-year-old is visiting our country.

 We do know that she is currently producing a season of the TV show ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’.

As much as we would have loved to see it, there are no reports that Kudrow started busking on Cuba street with a performance of ‘Smelly Cat’. We would of been right there with her if she did though. 

Back in 2019, fellow ‘Friends’ star Jeniffer Aniston, who played Rachel Green, hinted at visiting our shores. 

Talking to ‘The Project about her and Adam Sandler’s new (at the time) movie ‘Murder Mystery’, Jennifer said she’s heard great things about New Zealand.

“I’ve heard it’s one of the most beautiful places,” she said, with Sandler agreeing. 

When the interviewer suggested filming the sequel here, Aniston said: 

“We’re thinking about it. We’re taking suggestions, there’s a suggestion box over there so we’re putting it in there.”

New Zealanders are big fans of ‘Friends’. When the reunion special aired in 2021, almost 1 million Kiwis tuned in to catch up with their old mates Joey, Rachel, Phoebe, Ross, and Monica. 

A source at TVNZ told Stuff that over 909,000 New Zealanders watched ‘Friends: The Reunion’ and 78,000 more watched it on demand - making it one of the most watched shows of the year. 

For a show to rack in almost 1 million viewers 15 years after the final episode just goes to show how popular and loved the show was and still is.