Edge Breakfast | Madonna Fired Lance Savali for being a Scorpio
Edge Breakfast | Madonna Fired Lance Savali for being a Scorpio
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Kiwi dancer Lance Savali was fired by Madonna for the wildest reason

And then Rihanna snapped him up... shame Madonna
26 August 2022 4:01PM

We all know global pop superstars have a habit of developing insane demands for the people in their entourage, but most of us don't get the opportunity to witness it first-hand. 

After hearing a Scandal story that said J-Lo once kicked out all the Virgos from a dance audition, dancer, DJ and 'Dancing With The Stars' judge Lance Savali called into The Edge Breakfast show with a weirdly similar story. 

Having booked a spot as a dancer on Madonna's 'Rebel Heart' tour, Lance was three months into the rehearsal process when things took a turn for the worst. 

"One morning, I went down to the van to be transported to rehearsals and the tour manager is like: 'Hey Lance, can I have a word with you?'" he said.

"She seemed quite off. She was like 'come inside' and the van drove off and I was like 'what?' 

"She goes: 'I don't know how to tell you this but Madonna is firing you'," he continued.  

"'I'm just gonna be honest: She doesn't trust Scorpios and you're a Scorpio. She can't read your energy, she can't quite figure you out.'" 

Lance said his reaction was simply "you're kidding", but he had previously been interrogated by Madonna about his star sign. 

The 'Material Girl' singer apparently asked the dancers if there were any Scorpios in their midst, and caught Lance looking shifty. 

"She was like 'Scorpios in New Zealand are different, right?'," Lance said. 

Apparently not. 

It seems like Madonna hasn't always had such strict rules for star signs, though. Back in 1994, she did a collab with Bjork who is a triple Scorpio (sun, moon and rising sign). 

We don't have to feel too bad for Lance though, as he explained if he hadn't been fired from that job, he would have never ended up working with Rihanna, who didn't seem to have any horoscope hang-ups.