Kanye posted a headline about ‘Skete Davidson’ dying and Kim got pissed and made him delete it

Kanye posted a headline about ‘Skete Davidson’ dying and Kim got pissed and made him delete it

Please stop Kanye, please.

The Kimye drama seems like it will never end after Kanye made another messed-up post about Pete Davidson on the gram which pissed Kim off. 

Let’s be honest, since the news dropped about Pete and Kim breaking up we were all waiting for Kanye to chime in. He did just that by posting a fake New York Times headline that said “SKETE DAVIDSON DEAD AT AGE 28” to his Instagram.

West - who is 45 years old btw - deleted the post soon after, and apparently, Kim K had something to do with that.

A source close to Kim K spilt the tea to Daily Mail, saying she’s been sticking up for Pete and is totally sick of Kanye’s antics. 

“She has been vigorously defending Pete,” the insider said. 

“She’ll never get back together with Kanye over the way he’s treated the people she loves and respects.”

“She has tried incredibly hard to have a good co-parenting situation for the children.”

“She won’t stand this type of behaviour from him.”

Kanye has been acting like a crazy ex ever since Kim and Pete started dating in October of last year. He’s been on multiple Instagram rants in the past, telling ‘Skete’ to stay away from his kids amongst other things

He also once posted a claymation music video of himself kidnapping, tieing up, and burying Pete. That is some seriously messed up stuff. 

People report that Kanye’s harassment has led Pete to therapy, a source told them. 

“The attention and negativity coming from Kanye and his antics is a trigger for [Pete], and he’s had to seek out help,” the source said. 

“He has no regrets for dating Kim and wants it to be made very clear that she’s been nothing but supportive of him throughout their relationship,” the insider also added.