Cheeky reporter crashes the MAFS 2023 weddings and the producers get petty

Cheeky reporter crashes the MAFS 2023 weddings and the producers get petty

"That was a little unnecessary!"

Just when you thought the MAFS chat was over, we are bringing it right back after news that the 2023 season has officially begun filming.

Of course, the drama has already started with a reporter revealing that they crashed the filming of a scene, leading them to realise that reality tv is actually cooked.

Josh Fox who runs the @mafsfunny Instagram page has released footage of the producers of the show making a groom film the same clip three times.

As the groom walked out of a hotel and into a limo that we can only assume was taking him to his wedding ceremony, Fox spoke to the man and said, "Good luck! "You're going to need it!"

A clearly irritated production staff member turned around and angrily said, "Mate can you not? We're trying to get audio!"

Fox apologised, saying he didn't realise they were also getting audio.

Fair enough - right?

Fox agreed to remain silent but had to move to the opposite side of the road after getting in trouble with the production lady.

This isn’t the only scene that Fox managed to get footage of, he also crashed the scene of one of the weddings.

The best part of this video is watching the production staff desperately try and ruin Fox’s chance of getting footage of one of the brides.

Production staff pulled out a white umbrella and followed Fox as he tried to capture a clip of an unknown bride walking in the park.

Although, that wasn’t enough to stop him as he then climbed higher than the staff member and just enough so that he could get us a sneak peek at another scene.

It seems like there’s a little bit of tension between Fox and the production staff now as he claims they pushed his camera over and tried to kick him off public property.

“Producers and staff waving umbrellas to block us getting pictures is part of the fun, but producers actually pushing our cameras and claiming a public street is private property is a little unnecessary.”


I mean, we all know that reality TV isn’t filled with real moments all the time and yes it can be tough trying to nail a scene, but three takes to film one guy getting into a car and then chasing someone around with an umbrella is beyond ridiculous!