Botox influencer apologizes for suggesting ‘Stranger Things’ Natalia Dyer needs a new face

Botox influencer apologizes for suggesting ‘Stranger Things’ Natalia Dyer needs a new face

The video is infuriating.

A botox injector has apologised to fans for her video analysing the face of ‘Stranger Things’ star Natalia Dyer and suggesting she needs a variety of surgeries and procedures.

The actress has been receiving high praise for her performance in ‘Stranger Things 4’, where her character Nancy Wheeler held a more central role than in previous seasons of the show. Nancy basically became the leader of the ‘Hawkins gang’ and Dyer turned in an incredible performance!

Stranger Things 4

But this TikTok creator was more interested in Dyer's face. She begins her video by praising Natalia saying  "She killed it in Stranger Things’" but she then quickly launches into analysing Natalia’s face with an intense level of detail and finding all of the minor ‘flaws’ she perceives.

The botox injector suggests “treating those masseters” to slim Dyer's face, adding chin filler to make her face more of a heart shape (when did we decide a heart shaped face is the ideal? It’s news to me) adding lip filler and a botox brow lift to “open up her eyes”. She also suggests that Dyer has thin skin which needs to be treated.

She then shows a photoshopped ‘after’ photo of what Natalia might look like with all of these procedures and the actress is completely unrecognisable!

The after photo is of an attractive woman, but it’s not Natalia. Gone are her expressive cheekbones or distinctive chin.

Fans were quick to call out the Tiktok botox injector as ‘toxic’ and we agree.

Natalia Dyer is STUNNING and whilst it’s crazy to suggest such a beautiful woman requires so many ‘corrections’, it’s also just shallow and ignores the main reason fans love this 'Stranger Things' star - her acting.

Natlia’s distinctive face with her expressive doe eyes and sharp bone structure aren't just beautiful features, they are tools the actress uses to emote with subtlety and power.

In a recent apology video the Tiktoker says she didn't mean to offend anyone “I was simply just offering suggestions, not on what you have to do, but on what the possibilities are”. 

We’re glad the injector apologised. This sort of critique makes us all more critical of our own appearance, plus it devalues Dyer’s undeniable beauty and her hard work as an actress.