The Sims 4 has just been updated to include custom pronouns

trending 26/05/2022

Via Today FM

Om za gleb (oh my god) EA's (Electronic Arts) hit game The Sims 4 has just received an update that allows players to add custom pronouns to their Sim in Create A Sim.

The addition of the new pronoun options was something developers had been thinking of for some time, and is a feature players had requested during community feedback last year.

The development team worked with the 'It Gets Better Project' and GLADD to learn more about how pronouns are used, particularly by trans and nonbinary people.

The developers then took the information and updated the game's backend to bring the idea to life.

Players will be able to choose from They/Them, She/Her, He/Him or a custom option.

The first version of the feature focuses on customizable pronouns in English only - EA says they intend to update and expand the feature over time.

Those with existing Sims will be able to update their Sims' pronouns via the Create a Sim area of the game.

The game is still looking to update gendered language in the game like policeman or policewoman.