Kourtney and Travis got hitched for real and it's def a different vibe from her sisters

scandal 16/05/2022

The first blurry pics of Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker's wedding have emerged, and it seems to be a big eff you to the schmancy weddings we've come to expect from the reality TV family. 

The PDA-loving pair reportedly got hitched (but legally, this time) at a courthouse in California, with Kourtney's grandma MJ there as a witness, but no other members of the Kardashian/Jenner clan in sight. 

Kourt wore a white minidress and a veil as she and Travis were spotted driving off in a convertible with a 'just married' sign stuck to the back. 

This seems like a weirdly low-key affair considering how intense Travis' proposal was, but apparently, another event may be yet to come. 

One source told E! News the pair still have plans to have a wedding with their close family and friends present, but that they wanted to "make it legal" beforehand. 

Of course, Kourt and Travis were not legally married in a ceremony in Las Vegas at 2am after the Grammy Awards, with Kourtney sharing photos on Instagram saying "practice makes perfect". 

Sooo… we still have a lot of questions, but our main one is: Do we think Kris Jenner signed off on this?