Jack Harlow answers Meg's risky question about 'dick move' on NBA camerawoman

scandal 09/05/2022

Jack Harlow admitted to Nickson, Meg and Eli that his now-infamous prank on a camerawoman at an NBA game was not exactly his finest moment.

The 'First Class' rapper got blasted on Twitter when a clip went viral showing him messing with the knobs and settings on Tami Nguyen's camera while she was working filming the game.

We weren't sure how Jack would react when we hit him up about the incident, especially when Meg mentioned how people online were calling it a "dick move". 

"Everyone's going to make a couple of dick moves in their life," Jack said. 

"Me and Tami, though we've been in touch since. The context people are missing is that we were sharing laughs throughout the game, I was being playful," he added. 

To be fair, Tami didn't seem too mad when she hit up Jack on Twitter, sharing the clip and telling star: "Hi Jack Harlow, you owe me chicken fingers." 

Jack replied: "I got you Tami" at the time, and told us everything had since settled down. 

"Any attention she was getting it's faded away and everything," he said. 

"Tami's a good person, I actually apologised to her because I didn't want her to deal with any of that energy but I think everything's smooth now, she texted me earlier." 

But did she ever get her chicken fingers, Jack?