Harry Styles has a mysterious website about his upcoming album, and what the heck do the pics mean?

scandal 09/05/2022

'Harries' around the world are freaking out and putting their detective hats on to try and uncover the mystery behind the British pop star's new website and accompanying social media accounts. 

The website - youarehome.co - simply contains a door that half opens to reveal a seemingly random image behind it, but the image changes every day. Today's image, for example, seems to be of newborn baby turtles. What does it mean!!??!

half open door with image of baby turtles on beach behind it

The website has been active since the 20th of March, before the release of ‘As It Was’ and before the new album was even announced, but the weird content just keeps coming. 

There is also an Insta account under the same name that keeps track of every image that has been behind the door. 

Online sleuths discovered that some of the earlier images were related to books that Styles may have read during lockdown

To add to the mystery, there is also a Twitter account (also under the name @areyouhome) that tweets a new phrase - possibly lyrics from the new album - every day. Some tweets and door images seem to be connected.

Today's tweet, for example, is "follow the moon" which, as Harries online have discovered,  relates to the image of turtles as baby turtles follow the moon and stars to get to the ocean. 

What does this have to do with the album? We don't quite know, but there are a lot of fan theories. 

Some people have linked the image and tweet to a really cute book about a baby turtle using the moon to find its mama in the ocean

On each page of the book, the words read "I'm coming Mama, I'll see you soon/ I know just how ... I'll follow the moon". The last page of the book sees the turtle finding his mama, and the words change to "I'm here Mama - here with you/ I knew I'd find you, Moon did too"

So this could just be an adorable nod to Mother's Day from Harry. Can we cope? Obviously not. 

Only Harry Styles could have his fans losing their minds out over a bunch of doors and photos. We have to endure 11 more days of waiting and watching before his new album 'Harry's House' comes out on the 20th of May. 

Hang in there Harries.