Harry Styles confirms ‘no peen’ in his new movie but there is ‘bum bum’ and sorry, what?

scandal 26/05/2022

We are absolutely stoked to be treated to more of Harry Styles on the big screen in 2022, and he’s just revealed exactly how much of an eyeful we can expect to get.

Harry has confirmed that there will be "no peen" in his My Policeman sex scenes.

Appearing on The Howard Stern Show, Harry said he made sure that his “peen” would NOT be making an appearance before he agreed to film.

“There’s no peen in the final cut. There’s bum-bum,” Harry said.

“I don’t think the peen was intended to be involved. The peen, it was pre-negotiated that that would remain my own.”

Now hold on a second….

Did Harry, a grown man, just say what we think he did?

Yup! Many fans didn’t let that one slide either…

Despite the silliness, we want to know just how risque are we getting with no peen to be seen?

When asked if he could watch the films with his parents. “I don’t know that you can watch either with your parents,” Harry responded, according to Life & Style.

We are still really confused about the baby talk, but we are still going to support our man either way!