Britney Spears revealed the reason she ditched the Met Gala and it's a huge mood

scandal 31/05/2022

Britney Spears just revealed she basically couldn't be f*cked going to the Met Gala and decided instead to stay home with her dog. 

The Met Gala is, of course, one of the most highly-anticipated events on the Hollywood social calendar.

It gives A-listers the opportunity to chuck on some haute couture fashion lewks, hire an expensive hair and make-up team and battle it out for the most iconic carpet moment

But for Britney, who hasn't been massively into wearing clothes at all lately, let alone designer outfits, it's just not a big deal. 

This would have been her first time attending the event, but it wasn't meant to be. 

"I was gonna go to Met Gala but instead I got in the tub with my dog and put PJs on!" she captioned a video of her rocking a red jumpsuit. 

"I hate flying!" she added. 

Anna Wintour is positively screeching at this public rejection right now, we just know it.

To be fair, when she's not directing her own nude photoshoots, Brit is known for creating fashion montages on Instagram, showing off all the latest additions to her wardrobe - so what the hell does she need the Met for? 

After the shitshow of a year (make that 13 years) that Brit has been through, a long bath followed by PJs and cuddles with her adorable pup sounds like the perfect night. 

Not a drop of FOMO to be found here.