This guy submitted his STD results instead of a cover letter and we've officially lost it

trending 13/04/2022

If you've ever handed in an assignment only to realise you're a full 24 hours past the due date or sent in a CV detailing your great 'attnntion to detail' - prepare to feel a lot better about yourself. 

A man named Jacqui made the very unfortunate mistake of uploading his STD results when he was submitting a cover letter when applying for a new job.

He shared a video with the 'I wish I had a time machine' audio on TikTok, captioning the clip: "That time I was applying for my DREAM job at my DREAM company but accidentally submitted a PDF of my STD results as my cover letter." 

Thankfully, old mate's results were all negative, but that likely did little to diminish the deep, hearty cringe that would have came after he realised his mistake. 

"I have ADHD so I tend to multitask a lot, so that’s probably where everything just went wrong," Jacqui explained in a follow-up post. 

"I never heard back from the company, I’m probably blacklisted somewhere. Probably there’s an HR note being like 'do not interact'." 

We're dying, this is too good 😂

On a brighter note, it's a good reminder to get yourself checked regularly, but probably best to just share the results with the people involved. 

Jacqui said he wanted to tell his story to destigmatise STD testing, but also to try to help alleviate the worries that many of us have when going for new job.

"I figured this is a good story so people feel less anxious over their own mistakes," he said. 

Definitely makes some of the mistakes we've made seem a lot better that's for sure!