The latest trailer for 'The Flight Attendant' Season 2 is here

scandal 05/04/2022

Finally something new to binge this month!

If you haven't watched The Flight Attendant, I'm going to politely ask you to stop what you're doing and go watch all of season one right now. Don't worry about work or your boss, just screenshot this and surely it'll work just as well as a doctor's note.

In Season 1, after a night of partying with a rich passenger on her flight, Kaley Cuoco's character Cassie wakes up to find him murdered in his bed.

Spoilers ahead:

After the wild ride that was proving her innocence, the season 2 trailer shows a glimpse at Cassie's new life. Now sober and working as an international spy for the CIA, Cassie says "I kinda feel like I’m turning into this whole new person.".

But with the show being what it is, that 'new person' feeling doesn't last long. 

The first two episodes of the comedy-thriller will premiere April 21st, watch the full trailer below: