Sharyn has welcomed her baby boy Reuben

scandal 08/11/2021

Sharyn has given birth to her baby boy and we couldn't be more excited for the Casey whānau!

Posting on Insta, Sharyn shared the news that Reuben Ammar Casey is not only named after one of her and husband Bryce's good friends Reuben but also their amazing OB, Ammar.

If it weren’t for Ammar we wouldn’t have Tyson, let alone Reuben and we are forever grateful to him we had him on journey since 2016 from losing Sharky to our 2 lads.

"I know this is long, but I cannot end this without saying a huge thank you to all the midwives and doctors at North Shore & Auckland hospital. You were total rockstars, the care you gave us in the scariest, uncertain time in our lives was amazing" Sharyn continued. 

Also posting on Insta, Sharyn's Husband wrote "Tyson is stoked to be a big bro."