Facebook caught secretly using your iPhone's camera as you scroll through your feed

scandal 13/11/2019

FYI If you've got an iPhone, Facebook might secretly be using your camera without you even knowing about it....

A new glitch has been popping on on some users iPhones showing their back camera in action while they're scrolling through Facebook. 

One user pointed the issue out on Twitter saying "When the app is open it actively uses the camera. I found a bug in the app that lets you see the camera open behind your feed."

The user tested it on five other iPhones running on iOS 13.2.2 and the same bug happened. 

We gave it a go ourselves at The Edge and found that the same thing happened to of our phones that was running on iOS 12.1.3. We did find that the bug didn't happen on 3 of the other phones that we tested but that isn't to say the camera isn't being used.

Facebook is yet to comment on whether this is just a bug on iPhones or if there something else going on.

Give it a go on your phone by opening a photo and then swiping it away to see if it happens to you too.