The Edge Acoustic Kitchen: Drax Project covers Troye Sivan's 'Got Me Started'

The Edge Acoustic Kitchen: Drax Project covers Troye Sivan's 'Got Me Started'

we're obsessed!

From one fan girl to another I have to confess that I absolutely lost it when I heard that the boys from Drax Project were coming in to perform in the office.

When I first heard their song ‘Woke Up Late’ back in 2017 I knew that they’d be the band to watch! The cheekiness of the track had me hooked as well as Shaan’s incredible vocals. When Hailee Seinfield jumped on the track in 2019 their tune was on REPEAT and even snuck its way into my spotify wrapped!

There is no denying that Drax Project is one of the best bands to come out of New Zealand and I wouldn’t be surprised if the rest of the world tries taking them away from us.

Earlier this year the boys released their tune ‘Atmosphere' and The Edge brekky team became absolutely OBSESSED with it! You know a song is a vibe when radio hosts have to have a dance party every time it’s aired.

Luckily for us Drax Project is making our summer by releasing their latest album ‘Upside’ next week. To celebrate the album release the guys treated our office to an exclusive live performance of their song ‘Disrespect’.

The song is serving one night stand vibes with Shaan’s breathy vocals and incredible work on the saxophone. As much as I love blasting the tune on Spotify, witnessing the boys performing it was even better! In the video you can even see Clint, Meg and Dan popping their heads out in the background.

If the live performance of their own song wasn’t enough, we were surprised with a cover of Troye Sivan’s ‘Got Me Started’. Hearing the sampled tune of Bag Raiders “Shooting Stars” has me absolutely fizzing. If only Troye had thought of this himself!

You can check out their cover in the video below.

There really is no better feeling than knowing that your fave artist sounds exactly the same in person as they do on their songs. If you’re keen to vibe with the guys you should head along to the Drax Project Summer Run!

You can find more info about the concerts here.