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Cassie Henderson performs newest single ‘Whatever’ live in studio and it’s one you need to hear

This song = on repeat.

Our gal we all know and love, Cassie Henderson, came into the studio and absolutely blew our socks off with a live performance of her new single ‘Whatever’.

She’s recently been on tour with THE Kaylee Bell, performing as a special guest across New Zealand. It looks like she’s had the time of her life.

She chatted with the team on The Edge Afternoons about what it was like touring with Kaylee and the rest of her team.

“Pretty awesome to be honest,” she said. “This is the first tour I’ve ever done so I was kinda like a little bit nervous, didn’t really know what to expect, or how to prepare for something like that.”

“I think when you prepare for a show, you get ready on the weekend, and you start, and then it’s over, and then you’re like ‘cool that’s that’. This was a full month of touring.” 

We’ve also heard word of a new EP soon to drop. So soon she posted to Instagram that if her new single reaches 100,000 streams she’ll release it for us. 

Well what are you waiting for? STREAM IT NOW!

She also gave us a special performance of her cover to ‘Dancing On My Own’ and it’s one of the best we’ve ever heard.

Cassie Henderson DOMO
Cassie Henderson Dancing On My Own
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Catch Cassie’s full chat with The Edge Afternoons below!