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You asked Nickson Meg and Eli who their favourite Edge host is - and they all had the same answer

It's a little awkward for the rest of us

Instagram just launched a new anonymous questions feature - so Nickson Meg and Eli put the call out for anonymous questions and you guys did not hold back!

We received loads of anonymous questions. And whilst half of them were just you asking how much Nickson, Meg and Eli get paid (cheeky 😜) a lot of your questions were really juicy!

You asked who everyone’s favourite Edge host (not on the Breakfast show) was and the answer was clear.

Everyone said Sharyn!

A little awkward for Jayden, Sean, Steph and Soph…..

Of course, Sharyn did just return to the Afternoon Show  from maternity leave - so it’s no surprise that Nickson, Meg and Eli have been loving having her back at The Edge.

The anonymous questions didn’t get any easier. One of you also asked Meg who out of Nickson, Eli, and intern Cal she would leave her daughter with if she passed away……bit of a dark question, but okay.

After taking a moment to think she gave her answer.

If Meg passed away, and her husband Guy also passed away, along with just about everyone she loved and trusted….then Meg would want Daisy to be raised by Eli.

You guys don't ask easy questions do you? Whatever happened to nice questions like what's your favourite flavour of ice cream?

Some anonymous Instagram follower sent in a tough one for Eli too. 

He was asked who he thought was funnier - Meg or Nickson. And as an award winning comedian Meg and Nickson clearly trust his opinion on this one.

After a long deliberation he said Meg was funnier. 

Nickson…..Nickson was disappointed.

Nickson Clark, 2022

Honestly, this whole anonymous Q and A thing is giving me flashbacks to the days of Ask Fm - which was the number 1 social media platform to use if you wanted to cyber bully someone.

Be careful Instagram - I hope you know what fire you are playing with.