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Jayden's Dad calls Sharyn after hearing her says he's a 'hot stalion of a human'


Have you heard this rumour about Sharyn?


Our fun new game inspired by how sexy Sharyn is...

( sexy, we mean tragic) 🤦‍♀️


Sharyn's friend sharted herself & telling the story in a posh voice is WAY more fun

Yikes 😂


Sharyn reacts to Jayden's Chad Kroeger makeover for the first time

And it's priceless 😂


Jayden calls his GF Gracie to tell her about his Chad Kroeger makeover

and the phone call got awkward pretty quick...


Sharyn & Jayden get trolled with balls jokes by listener pal Nelly

Love the commitment to the bit


Everyone fakes it with Jayden

Even Producer Dan's mum says she fakes it with Jayden.


Jayden thinks eggs are chicken poo

Ange in the office reckons eggs are a vegetable and Jayden reckons they're poo. Can we get any more stupid here at The Edge?


Try not to laugh challenge with Jayden Daniels and Craig Hall

"Fist me". Gets em every time.


Sharyn and Jayden get Producer Dan in trouble

There goes Producer Dan's pay rise!


Sharyn can't help but with flirt with the listener pals


Producer Dan takes the Carpool Quiz loser song a little too far

Phantom of the Opera anyone?


Sharyn flirts with listeners

What flavour shower gel do you use?


The weirdest radio you will ever hear

Sharyn and Jayden prank call Producer Dan... As cats?


Sharyn strokes Dan's webbing

Nothing to see here...


Sharyn's angry months

Sharyn has beef with March, August and November!


Possibly the weirdest family tradition EVER

Poo knife...


Who is the best on screen couple?

Jayden pulls out some obscure ones today.


Jayden gets PRANKED!

Sharyn and Producer Dan absolutely annihilate Jayden!


A listener asks for Sharyn's number!

A little too late dear old listener. Sharyn's a married woman!


Sharyn tells us more about Take It Easy and Youthline

For anyone going through a hard time right now.


What's on the menu today? Roast Jayden.

Poor Jayden.


Producer Dan gets triggered by Sharyn and Jayden's whispering

If Producer Dan hates this, he should probably stay away from ASMR...


Jayden goes from 0 to 100 real quick

Jayden talks about his favourite music to write to, which is either orchestral music or drum and bass. There is no in between.


Sharyn's two-year-old says she's a 'party pooer' on air

Sharyn claims she's not a party pooer, but other people (her husband and her son) say otherwise!


Spaghetti on pizza debate takes an unexpected turn

Sharyn and Jayden debate whether spaghetti belongs on pizza.


Jayden gets roasted for trying to be a part of Sharyn's segment

Sharyn shares some life-changing news and Jayden wants in? How bloody typical.


Mitch James say's he's all in to help raise money for Youthline


Casey the boss raps on the show

Casey the boss raps Fresh Prince to get out of singing in our charity song.


Rug Doctor making Producer Dan explain his dirty joke

Sharyn and Jayden didn't understand his dirty joke so they made him explain it on-air.


Just a normal day at work... Calling Jayden's dad to ask where Jayden was conceived

You know. The usual.


Sharyn and Jayden swap personalities so they can roast each other

Sharyn becomes Jayden and Jayden becomes Sharyn . Capeesh?


Sharyn can't believe this grandparent still "makes sandwiches"

Sharyn and Jayden chat to listener Emily about an inappropriate story her grandma told her.


Watch the star-studded video for 'Take It Easy Aotearoa' supporting Youthline!

We're banning together with Stan Walker and other NZ artists to raise money for Youthline NZ

How Sharyn and Jayden practiced kissing when they were younger

Jayden didn't need to practice on the back of his HAND. He practiced on the real thang baby.


Make the most of Happy Hour with these four delicious cocktail recipes


Sharyn is a beat boxer now

Sharyn shows Jayden her newly discovered talent.


Matt Beachen from Drax Project tells us about building tree houses in lockdown

We talk to Matt Beachen from Drax Project about what he's been up to during lockdown.


Does anyone else hate flies as much as Jayden?

Jayden has an electric fly swat and he's not afraid to use it!


Sharyn roasts Jayden about his "workout"

Is Jayden actually "working out" when he listens to Dua Lipa?


Jayden got super awkward today because of a mystery bra his GF found

The moment Jayden's life flashed before his eyes...


Some conversations are for off air... Unless you work with us

Sharyn dobs Producer Dan in for a story he told off air 😂


Which one of these is the next iconic laugh of radio? Sharyn, Jayden or Producer Dan?



Sharyn maxes out the credit card!

She can't afford to feed her family but at least her feet look cute!


Jayden accidentally hitting on Sharyn....

Things got a little awkward when Jayden accidentally hit on Sharyn 😳


Is Producer Dan a pussy or puppies guy?

Producer Dan talks about whether his fiance and him should get a cat or a dog.


Jayden lies about being a clean freak

Jayden lies about becoming a clean freak, then the show speaks to Jayden's girlfriend Grace who confirms SHE does all the cleaning.


Sharyn's waxing horror story for anyone thinking of doing a home-job

PSA, don't use a full-length leg wax strip on your downstairs area, it's not worth the pain, as Sharyn can tell you all about.


How Robinson and other artists have been affected after having to postpone shows