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Producer Dan only uses one roll a week!

Sharyn, Jayden, and Producer Dan talk about how Producer Dan only uses one roll of toilet paper a week.


Sharyn's top 7 online workouts you can do while you're stuck at home

FYI If you're looking for some workouts to do in your lounge!


A tradie finds a condom wrapper under Sharyn's bed!


Jayden says he WOULD snort Sharyn's ashes!

Sharyn and Jayden receive a call about accidentally buying an urn at auction.


Workout to Sofi Tukker's 'Purple Hat' | Sharyn & Jayden's Sweat Sesh

This week, we work out to Purple Hat.


Here's how Coronavirus will affect your KiwiSaver and what you need to know

Sharyn and Jayden caught up with an expert on all things KiwiSaver to find out how Coronavirus concerns will affect your balance.


Sharyn and Jayden are just as bad as each other

Sharyn and Jayden face-off head-to-head and both end up cheating.


Workout to Lady Gaga with Sharyn & Jayden's Sweat Sesh


How dare you not ask Sharyn for ID?

Sharyn tells Jayden about getting ID'd at the supermarket.


When will my husband return from war?

Jayden surprises Sharyn with a skit after she pops out of the studio.


Sharyn or Batman? We'll never know

Sharyn shows Jayden her Batman impression.


Horrible ant infestation at the Casey's

Shaz is livid!


Jayden gets a tattoo from NZ's youngest tattoo artist at just 6 years old


Jayden transforms into a drag queen for one show only

Introducing, MeThighs' a Chaffi.


Max's emotional story about his grandparents wins NZ's Greatest Story

Sharyn & Jayden surprised Max with the news that not only did he have New Zealand's greatest story, but he had also won $5k!


Jayden has some fun with the people at the HSBC NZ Sevens

These people definitely went to watch the rugby 🙄😂


We head to Tauranga to find New Zealand's Greatest Story

Is Tauranga home to NZ's greatest story?


Lizzo gives Jayden the nickname "Kombucha F*** Boy"

It's only his first ever show and Jayden's already got himself a special nickname.