'R u joking?': This expert caused outrage by revealing how often we should buy a new bra

'R u joking?': This expert caused outrage by revealing how often we should buy a new bra

"Someone needs to tell her how long it takes to break one in..."

A bra fitter on TikTok has got half the Internet freaking out after insisting bras only last an incredibly short amount of time before a new one needs to be purchased. 

Nicola Cook went viral recently for claiming that if you only have one bra that you wear every day (preach, we all have a favourite) then it should be replaced after 30 days. 

Yep, not 6 months, not a year. 30. Days. 

As all boob owners know, finding the perfect bra is one of the most difficult shopping tasks on the planet.

There's complicated sizing, uncomfortable underwires, straps that dig in and too much or too little lace - just to name a few of the things to consider. 

Plus, they ain't cheap! 

That's why when we find one we like, we absolutely thrash it. Sue us. 

The idea of chucking out a bra after one month sounds wasteful, expensive and frankly just absolutely draining - and hundreds of TikTok users agree. 

"Who can afford that? Hilarious," one comment on Nicola's post read. 

"I had my last one for 7yrs," said another. "Had mine since year 6," someone replied. 

"Someone needs to tell her it takes 30 days to break one in," another person said. 

The sentiment was clear: We're wearing our bras until we can't wear them no more. 

As if this revelation didn't rattle us enough, another TikTok from Nicola said we should be washing our bras every third wear. This sounds fine in practice, but let's be honest - it's not going to happen. 

If we washed our favourite bra that often, we'd be forced to choose one of the many, many others we have bought but never worn because they're too small/big/uncomfortable/have too many little bows on them.

You don't wash your teddy bear every third snuggle, do you? Think of it that way.