'Victorious' cast reunite at 'iParty' and our inner child is screaming

'Victorious' cast reunite at 'iParty' and our inner child is screaming

This reunion is making us freak the freakout!

Daniella Monet channelled her inner Trina Vega as she sang 'Chicago', her most iconic song from 'Victorious'.

'Chicago' is not the Tony-winning musical, but was the title of the song that Monet's character, Trina Vega, sang in her one-woman show, 'Trina!'

The actress was the most recent guest to appear on stage at 'iParty with Matt Bennett'.

'iParty' is touring around the United States hosted by Matt Bennett, who starred as Robbie, on the Nickelodeon show. 

The singer created the event to allow fans to relive their childhoods by jamming out to their Disney and Nickelodeon favourites.

In a viral video posted on TikTok, Monet belted out her iconic opening lines while Matt Bennett played her hype man.

Monet was not the only one to grace the stage alongside her co-star. 

Elizabeth Gillies also made an appearance a few days earlier, performing a number of her character's fan-favourite tunes.

Gillies' rendition of ‘Freak the Freak Out’ and ‘Take A Hint’ got the audience fizzing. 

After these two exciting guest appearances, fans are wondering if a ‘Victorious’ reunion could be in the works?

I don't know about you, but I am absolutely living for a full reunion, and what better way to do it than at a massive gig celebrating our treasured childhood memories!