'He asked if I laid an egg': Twitter thread shows men have no idea how women's bodies work

'He asked if I laid an egg': Twitter thread shows men have no idea how women's bodies work

"My fiancé thought my uterus was full of air so the baby wouldn't suffocate."

Hundreds of women have shared the most outrageous, hilarious and disturbing misconceptions men have had about the female body, and all we can say is 'oh, boy'. 

It all started with a tweet from Aussie pop singer Peach PRC, who tweeted about her ex-boyfriend thinking that the eggs in her ovaries "had shells on them". 

Peach said she thought about that "every time a man makes a decision on women's bodies", seemingly referring to the news that the US Supreme Court is likely to overturn the legal ruling that gives women the right to get an abortion.

It's hard to do anything except scream 'WHAT IN THE HANDMAID'S TALE IS GOING ON?!' into our pillows, but some people have noticed that the 2022 Supreme Court only has three women justices, with the rest all men. 

And as Peach PRC found out, a whole lot of men know a whole lot of nothing about the female anatomy.

After sharing her ex-boyfriend's confusion around eggs, her Twitter thread was flooded with replies from women who had similar experiences with the men in their lives. 

Read 'em and weep (literally). 

One woman had to deal with her husband telling his family she "didn't grow underarm hair" - wouldn't that be nice? - rather than understanding she shaved. 

Another said a guy she knew thought that all women carked it the minute they got menopause. 

Meanwhile, this poor man thought all women had but one precious egg they guarded their whole lives. 

Oh, God...it just gets worse. 

And don't even get us started about the confusion around periods...

Look, are we totally blaming these men for their ignorance? No.

Is it good they are at least asking questions? Yes.

Does the world need much better sex education? Obviously. 

With all this in mind, are women the best people to make decisions about their own bodies? HELL YES.