Chris Evans is inviting a fan to be his date at his next movie premiere

Chris Evans is inviting a fan to be his date at his next movie premiere

What in the 'Win a date with Tad Hamilton' is going on here?

Chris Evans is giving fans the chance to be his date at the premiere of his next film.

The Marvel actor teamed up with Omaze to put together a package that will see the winner flown to the red carpet screening of his upcoming thriller ‘The Gray Man’ – Netflix’s most expensive feature yet.

It was announced on under the draw title ‘Be Chris Evans’ VIP Guest at the Premiere of “The Gray Man”’.

Images from the contest were also shared on Instagram, showing the actor holding cards that said: “Want to see a movie with me?” and “Join me on the red carpet!”

The snaps of Evans, 40, smiling in a baseball cap, were posted alongside a message that explained he was doing it to raise funds for charity Christopher’s Haven, which offers temporary, low-cost housing for child cancer patients and their families while receiving treatment away from their homes at Boston hospitals.

It said: “Chris Evans and @omaze have joined together to raise money for Christopher’s Haven! You and a guest could be Chris’ VIP at the premiere of his new movie, The Gray Man! @christophershaven.”

Evans’ ‘The Gray Man’, which also stars Ana de Armas, 34, Ryan Gosling, 41, and Billy Bob Thornton, 66, tells of a CIA mercenary known as Court Gentry, and Sierra Six, accidentally uncovering dark agency secrets and becoming a target for psychopathic former colleague Lloyd Hansen and international assassins.

Evans, whose Omaze sweepstake is open until June 26, plays Hansen who leads the manhunt for Gosling’s agent.

With a production budget of $200 million, it is Netflix’s most expensive film.

It is set for a limited release on 15 July, before streaming on Netflix a week later from 22 July.

Evans’ draw comes after for-profit fundraising company Omaze drew investment from Bono, 62, Tom Brady, 44, Kerry Washington, 45, and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, 39.

In 2016, the actor launched an almost identical contest with Omaze to raise cash for Christopher’s Haven.

The prize was a winner and friend got to tackle a an escape room adventure with the actor, followed by “celebratory burgers and beers”.

It also included a flight to Boston for non-locals and accommodation at a four-star hotel.

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