This woman shared a ‘controversial’ list of Instagram rules for her boyf and it’s a lot

This woman shared a ‘controversial’ list of Instagram rules for her boyf and it’s a lot

"Block anyone you had a romantic interaction with."

We’re all for setting healthy boundaries in relationships, but this viral TikTok has people asking the question: “How far is too far?" 

Sharing a notes page titled ‘Controversial Rules I Make Make My Boyfriend Follow: Instagram Edition', Tiktoker @thefreakshowcircus has caused some controversy, being called controlling, psycho, and even a narcissist.

The rules are as follows:

  •   Block anyone who you had a romantic interaction with
  •  No following new women since the day we started dating
  •  No searching girls anime in the handle bar
  •  No liking girl's photos
  • No story replying
  • No more than one girl per scroll on the explore page
  • If she posts more than one bikini pic in a row unfollow (including stories)
  • No clicking on link trees

    Real name Natalia Resinio, the Tiktoker said her male friends called her a “psycho” when she showed them the list, but also that “every single one" of her boyfriends has followed these rules.

Unsurprisingly, Natalia's list has prompted a big old debate in the comments section.

"I’ve never understood the ick thing until this video," one user said. "This whole concept just sounds like a good foundation for abuse and gaslighting."

"Babes, my mans is not even allowed to look at another women let alone have one on socials. Get it queen!"

A lot of the comments also seem to be from girlfriends who like the rules but wish they did not have to tell their boos to follow them, as well as guys saying they’re fine with the rules - as long as their girlfriends follow them too.