Rice and gravy, Marmite soup and much worse: Your flatting struggle meals are messed up

Rice and gravy, Marmite soup and much worse: Your flatting struggle meals are messed up

"Weetbix and butter with hot water."

With the hunt well and truly on for flatties to move into The Edge $50k Flatmate with DOSH house, chat around these parts has turned to the legendary struggle meals that get pulled together in a flatting scenario. 

We've all been there: You're hungry, you've spent your course-related costs on drinks at the uni bar, the pantry's looking bare and frankly, you're not the best chef. 

Whether it's pure desperation or Kiwi ingenuity in action - turns out we're a creative bunch when it comes to sorting out a skint feed. 

We kicked off the conversation with the stunning and brave meal of 'Morrocan Sandwiches' - that is, Moroccan seasoning on $1 white bread, which has gone down in infamy here at The Edge. 

Then we asked you, and boy did you deliver.

Here are the worst, best flatting struggle meals the Edge Whānau confessed to making: 

  • White rice and instant gravy
  • A teaspoon of centuries-old marmite in a cup of hot tap water. Imagining it was chicken soup
  • We would have saveloys one day and save the water they were cooked in for the next day and have it as soup
  • My friend's brother did a toast sandwich, literally a piece of toast in between two slices of bread 
  • Pasta, carrot & banana
  • The chicken sachet out of the 2-minute noodles and boiling water...
  •  Yeah, the ol' pasta tomato sauce.....good shit when ya starving
  • One of my mates smashed back vegemite smothered on Weetbix once. I chose to have a nap for dinner instead cos that shit was dry AF
  • I remember blowing my mate's mind with aoli on noodles on toast and it became her staple. Hard times, good days 
  • Dry porridge in tortilla wraps
  • Cut the crusts off a single piece of white bread. These can be toasted to make "breadsticks". With the remaining bread, put a spoonful of white sugar in the middle, fold the bread up and scrunch it up.
  • Weetbix and butter with hot water 
  • Made play dough then ended up cooking it coz we were hungry - it was the saltiest bread I’ve ever had. 
  • An Uncle Ben's rice packet in the back of the cupboard, cook that up and throw some tomato sauce on it 
  • Rehydrated chickpeas with a bit of hot sauce on them
  • Pasta and sweet and sour sauce from McDonald’s
  • Leftover baby formula and Milo smoothie ... hey, that stuff is pricey
  • Pasta and oyster sauce - actually quite nice
  • My flatmate used to eat frozen peas covered in T sauce... she also used to take her toilet paper roll to the toilet and then back to her room
  • Crackers dipped in hot water (pretending it’s a cookie and Milo) 

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