This app is a ‘game changer’ for saving recipes from any site or book and making grocery lists
What's Good
What's Good

This app is a ‘game changer’ for saving ALL those Insta recipes, deciding what to cook and more

It'll even sort your grocery lists for ya!

Trying to find the 100s of recipes you've saved from Insta and a bunch of random websites can prove to be more hassle than it's worth.

Trying to find that boujee ramen dish you sent to your mate two months ago might as well be a pointless mission because you're doomed to a never-ending scroll through all the memes and flatmate drama you've sent since.

'ReciMe' is getting rave reviews for making recipe hunting way less of a hassle. The app keeps all your go-to recipes in one place, saving you from the endless searching.

Snapping a pic will transfer your meals into a recipe that you can revisit and share within the app.

If you're like me and have loads of recipes saved in an Instagram folder labelled 'food' that you've never looked at again, this is your sign to get your sh** together.

All it takes is sharing the Instagram post to the app, just like you would when sending it to your pals. Or you can simply copy and paste a website link to your favourite recipes.

People have been loving the app with one Instagram commenter writing: “This is actually genius!!! 🙌”

“Where was this app when I needed it most? I’m a recipe hoarder," another added.

While a third said: “Woah this is game-changing.”Nothing’s worse than having to unlock your device 10943 times mid-reading, thankfully, ReciMe promises to stay unlocked while you cook to make things easier.

If you’re someone who never knows what to cook and HATES figuring out what to make with the ingredients you have left in the fridge, the app can help with that too. 

Just type in what you have in the fridge and pantry, and BOOM, it’ll match you with a recipe that uses what you’ve got. 

Now if we could only find an app to do the actual cooking on those true ‘cbf’ nights... wouldn't that be ideal?!