MAFS villain Bryce and wife Melissa say internet trolls hoped their twins would die

MAFS villain Bryce and wife Melissa say internet trolls hoped their twins would die

Love them or loathe them, no one deserves this.

We've been so caught up with the latest 'Married At First Sight Australia' drama that we'd almost forgotten about the most infamous couple of season 8 - show villain Bryce Ruthven and his long-suffering wife Melissa Rawson.

In a new interview with 'The Morning Show', the couple reflected on the dark side of reality TV fame, and some of it is pretty messed up. 

"Being just a normal person who applied for the show, I thought I was just going on to find love and thank goodness I did, but I don’t think I was prepared for the onslaught of the trolling and the hate we received,” Melissa said. 

“People online sending us messages and saying that they hoped my twins would die. Unfortunately, we still get people who troll our twins to this day.”

Look, we love a MAFS binge and bitchy debrief as much as the next person, but we'll never understand the kind of fans who think it's okay to cyberbully someone just because they joined a telly show. 

These bubbas are literally gorgeous innocent angels, how dare anyone say a bad word against them?!?? 

At one stage in 2021, Bryce was dubbed 'the most hated man in Australia' for his behaviour, which was called gaslighting and manipulative. 

“I understand we didn’t come across looking the best and our journey wasn’t one that many people thought would have a happy ending,” Melissa said. “It really blew my mind that people could be so horrible.”

In true Bryce style, he reckons there were heaps of people on his season of MAFS that were way worse than him. 

"It was just unfortunate they were on the show for about three minutes while I was on it for three months. I think because I was so prominent in the show, I guess I was the main character if you want to call it that." 

Sounds like you want to call it that, Bryce… and that's okay, you do you, babe. 

The pair say they've now moved on with normal jobs, and are focusing on their relationship and raising their twin boys. 

"I know we have a lot of support here, in Australia and in the UK as well. I don’t know, maybe we should move to the UK, we’re adored over there,” Bryce said.

Apart from possibly moving across the ditch, Melissa says she and Bryce want to use their social media presence to help raise funds for premature babies. 

"That's where we want to be able to do something that’s good for others, we want something really good to come from a negative experience,” Melissa added.