Love Island cuts fast fashion sponsor to dress contestants in secondhand outfits

Love Island cuts fast fashion sponsor to dress contestants in secondhand outfits

The hit reality dating show is partnering with eBay to dress contestants in preloved outfits.

Love Island has dropped their fast-fashion sponsor in an eco-friendly step to see them dress their contestants in preloved clothing. 

After receiving criticism from sustainability advocates for encouraging a disposable attitude toward fashion, the hit reality dating show announced they are partnering with eBay to dress their contestants for the upcoming season.

Contestants entering the villa for the eighth season of the show will have the option to wear their clothing or choose a pre-loved look from an extensive second-hand eBay wardrobe.

Contestants will also be encouraged to adopt an “eat, sleep, rewear, repeat” attitude to their outfits during the season.

The show has previously promoted a disposable throwaway fast fashion image, previously seen dressing contestants in multiple different outfits in one episode.

For the past three years, the fast-fashion company ‘I saw it first', which sells clothes for as little as £2.80 (NZD $5.40), sponsored the show, providing clothes and accessories for contestants.

Mike Spencer, the executive producer of Love Island, said in the announcement: “As a show, we strive to be a more eco-friendly production with more focus on ways in which we can visibly show this on-screen"

This is definitely a step in the right direction and we couldn’t be more thrilled that one of our fave shows is making a big sustainable change! 

The new eighth season of Love Island will be coming to Neon next month and you bet we're already counting down the days.