Lily James wins case against creepy journos who harassed her outside her home

Lily James wins case against creepy journos who harassed her outside her home

The behaviour of photographers got so bad she was forced to move.

Lily James has successfully argued that she was harassed by the Daily Mail after the site published no less than 51 stories about her in just four months. 

A complaint made by the star to the Independent Press Standards Organisation said the MailOnline had paid freelance journos to lurk outside her home, and things got so bad she eventually had to move house. 

Look, we understand press attention comes with being in show business, but this is way too far. 

Lily also said she had been chased by a photographer while she was moving house, as the paparazzi tried to figure out the location of her new home. 

Another photog apparently asked her driver where she lived, and she was even papped inside the grounds of a private hotel. 

In just one week during October 2020, the MailOnline ran 18 stories about the Pam and Tommy actress, focusing mainly on her reported affair with married actor Dominic West, when the pair were snapped looking loved-up in Rome. 

Reps for Lily had contacted the website themselves and tried to get them to back off, saying:

They also asked the Mail to "please stop" and added, "I am not sure why you are bullying her so much". 

The Daily Mail was forced to publish a full story about the ruling and the codes of practice they breached on their website, which they can't have been that stoked about. 

Lily definitely isn't the only star to be dealing with these issues - and some even have it much worse, Britney much? - but it's definitely nice to see a win for her in this case!