Do we think these hilarious reasons people dumped someone are petty or valid?

Do we think these hilarious reasons people dumped someone are petty or valid?

"He named his cat Creamy."

Breakups are never easy. But some of the reasons shared in this Reddit thread may have made the process a little easier.

You gotta do what you gotta do, right? 

From celebrity obsessions, odd eating habits, and ridiculous last names, these reasons for ending things are hilarious yet, in many ways, understandable. 

We did not think we'd be writing about Miranda Lambert today yet here we are.

This commenter said that her partner would constantly remind her that he would drop he for the American country singer "in a heartbeat".

Not a great vibe, TBH. She probably did him a favour ending things, he's now free to go and pursue Miranda. 

Another redditor, u/GoBanana42,ended things with a guy after only one date because he named his cat 'Creamy'. Completely understandable

This next one sounds like a bit of a nightmare. 

It's one thing to hear your grandparents going it at. It's completely another thing when a potential love interest introduces herself and all the memories of grandparents bumping uglies come rushing back.

Yea, defininitely not meant to be. 

These next three are extremely petty.

We say that from afar, but honestly, if I was in the same position as these Redditors, we might get pretty peeved ourselves.

Like, who wears fake glasses?!?

This last one is genuinely crazy  and breaking up with someone over this is 1000% reasonable and should honestly be expected, perhaps it should even be punishable by law. Have you no shame??