Are bottomless brunches about to become a thing of the past?

Are bottomless brunches about to become a thing of the past?

Oh dear lord please no

Police are cracking down on one of New Zealand’s favourite past times over concerns it promotes drinking unhealthy amounts of alcohol and violates liquor licensing laws.

The not-so-humble bottomless brunch could be about to be a thing of the past, with one Christchurch establishment already forced to put a stop to the boozy free-for-all. 

Basically, the police don’t think a single eggs bene is enough to offset the 7 mimosas you've had in the last hour.

The director of Kaiser Brew Garden which has removed its bottomless brunch option, said: 

Honestly, me the day after the bottomless brunch probably agrees with the police here.

Kaiser Brew Garden has since introduced another option, the 'Long Lunch', which offers an hour and a half of continuous food being served and no more than five drinks per person.

That still sounds like a fabulous time. And the drink cap will probably help my dignity from going missing.

Fair warning though, the end of the bottomleess brunch era may be coming.

So, instead of crying because it's over, lets smile because it happened.