An Instagram story captured Sydney Sweeney getting sexually harassed at the MET Gala

An Instagram story captured Sydney Sweeney getting sexually harassed at the MET Gala

The video shows someone from the press gallery shouting something horrific at the Euphoria star.

A video filmed of Sydney Sweeney walking the red carpet at the MET Gala has captured someone from the press section sexually harassing the 24-year-old actress.

Sweeney was attending the MET gala for the first time, arriving late due to traffic in a long white Tory Burch gown, with a removable skirt.

In a video filmed by the New York Times and posted to their @nytfashion Instagram story, you can hear someone shouting, "Does anyone have boobs like you down there?" and "Come on, show us those boobs."

In the video that was screen recorded and reshared to TikTok by Sabrina Bergsten, who identified the incident, the Euphoria star appeared to laugh it off and look away. 

Bergsten, who spotted the f*cked up encounter, told Buzzfeed:

Bergsten expressed her outrage at the incident in her video, saying "Sydney Sweeney deserved better that night, and all women deserve better when it comes to being harassed point-blank"

"It’s definitely all part of a larger problem, and I’m hoping this incident doesn’t just get shrugged off." she said in the video which has now gone viral. 

We couldn't agree more. 

Bergsten did explain that it was possible that those from the New York Times and other members of the press at the event didn't hear the remarks yelled at her over the screaming of fans at the event. 

Many have agreed with Bergsten, with fans taking to Twitter to express their disgust at the incident. 

We're left speechless after watching the incident unfold and it's a real shame Sydney experienced this while attending her first-ever MET Gala.

While we're disappointed, unfortunately, we're not completely surprised.

We're sending our love to Sydney and all women around the globe that continue to put up with such inappropriate behaviour and harassment.